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April 24, 2020

Adventures in Remote Recording

Adventures in Remote Recording
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There are now 1,000,000 podcasts in Apple.

Rob Walch of Libsyn  says desktop listening is up a point to 12% 

I've discovered in remote recording that Apple Airpods only sound good - when paired with an Apple device.

Need to check your microphone quality? Try this website: Mic Check dot me

Medium has a nice article on How to deal with a Lazy Podcast Host

Podcast Movement has a good read on Staying Sane

Edison Research and NPR Smart Audio report webinar Thurs 4/30 2pm

I'm thrilled to have launched a new podcast series in partnership with my partners Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications.  It's called Michigan Motors Forward, and it features Metro Detroit business leaders who have adapted their operations and helped their community during these difficult times.

As always, if I can help you with launching your podcast, or with any podcast questions in general, you can always find me on social media at @JAGinDetroit - or send me an email - jag@jagindetroit.com

Stay Home and Stay Safe.