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Oct. 20, 2022

Are Podcasts Coming to TikTok?

Are Podcasts Coming to TikTok?

TikTok continues to out-innovate (and out-grow) other social media apps.  And podcasting could be their next feature.

PodNews, via AudioMeans, reports that there is a new "bot scraping our feeds." Or, in English, another party is starting to look at our podcasts.  And it traces back to TikTok servers.  Details are scant so far, but this makes total sense.   TikTok has been rapidly gaining on other social media apps, so it only makes sense they'd want a bite of the podcast pie as well.   What I find REALLY interesting is, will they work out deals with record labels so you can include commercial music in your podcast like you can on TikTok?  We're probably a long way out from the answer on that - but definitely something to keep an eye on.

Speaking of big names in podcasting, YouTube is continuing to increase their efforts in the space.  You can now purchases ads in YouTube podcasts through Google Ads.  If you haven't seen what YouTube's podcasting space looks like, you can go to  https://www.youtube.com/podcasts

Just know it's only available in the US at this point.

How often does shared podcast listening happen?  As in more than one person listening together?  In a new study from SiriusXM and Edison Research, as much as 12% of podcast listeners report listening with someone else, including in-car and in other places.  This can result in a 5% boost to impressions for podcast advertisers.  And co-listening happens in the home, too - usually while cooking or eating together.  Here's a link to the survey:https://www.sxmmedia.com/insights/5-reasons-brands-shouldnt-sleep-on-co-listening

And speaking of Edison Research, you know I'm a big fan of almost everything they put out.  Next Thursday, they're releasing their Spoken Word Audio report for 2022.  It's going to look at how Spoken Word Audio fits into overall audio listening in the US, and there will be special focus on Gen Z listeners.   If you're not paying attention to them, you should be.  They were born between roughly 1995 and 2010.  Which means the oldest ones are close to 30 now, and have significant disposable income to spend.   Here's a link to sign up for the Edison Webinar. https://www.edisonresearch.com/the-spoken-word-audio-report-from-npr-and-edison-research-save-the-date-3

As always, appreciate you listening, and if you have any questions about podcasting or starting a podcast, find me at JaginDetroit.com.  Stay healthy and stay safe. Lata!