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Sept. 1, 2021

Are Show Notes Important?

Are Show Notes Important?
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Are Show Notes Important?  YES!  Your show notes are important to the success of your podcast.

Why Show Notes Are Important:

Google Search is still one of the top ways people find podcasts. And, at least for now, Google can't search audio - it can only search text.   So if you write show notes with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind, you can get help your ranking in Google Search.   Think about your title, and how that relates to questions, ideas, or guests that your potential audience is Googling.  There are a number of SEO tools out there (some free, some paid) that can help you with all of this.

I have to take a moment and credit Steve Stewart and Mark Deal for putting on the Podcast Show Notes summit this past Saturday.  They had eight incredible panelists explaining all things show notes in detail.  You can watch the replay for $99 at http://shownotessummit.com/

Also a tip from Rob Walch of Libsyn: if your show notes are on the longer side, put any key links at the TOP, not the bottom.  Some podcast players will only display the beginning of your notes.  If you've got something important, put it at the front.

Did Joe Rogan's Move to Spotify Hurt His Guests?

One other point on the importance of searchability - since Joe Rogan became a Spotify exclusive and full episodes are no longer on Apple, Google, and YouTube - it appears the social media "bump" his guests normally get is waning.  I just Googled Joe Rogan podcast - best I could get was his website, where I had to hunt for the show.   Now, I'm not gonna say Joe Rogan was wrong to say yes when Spotify backed the Brinks truck up to his front door.  However, not appearing in search results isn't good for your show.

Who Is Listening to Podcasts?

More data out from Westwood One again proves that the typical podcast listener is- are you listening, advertisers? -  young, employed, educated, and upscale.   https://www.westwoodone.com/2021/08/30/the-westwood-one-2021-audioscape-who-are-podcast-listeners

New Tascam Device To Compete with Rodecaster Pro:

Tascam, a well respected audio equipment maker, has come out with their own mobile recording studio, the MixCast 4. Looks similar in price and features to the RodeCaster Pro, at $600, but the Mixcast does come with editing software. https://tascam.com/us/product/mixcast_4/top

Finally, a reminder, I'm trying to put this content out everywhere - my website, all the podcast apps, YouTube, even Instagram and TikTok.  And it's also available in a weekly newsletter.  You can subscribe at jagindetroit.com/subscribe.  Until next week, stay healthy and stay safe.  Lata!