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June 30, 2020

Audio Guru Tom Kelly of Clean Cut Audio

Audio Guru Tom Kelly of Clean Cut Audio
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Tom Kelly owns Clean Cut Audio, where he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help podcasters and bands alike create the best sound possible.

In today's episode we covered a wide range of topics and listener questions about all things audio.

We started by talking about the podcasting mecca that Denver has become, then we got into some basic production knowledge that podcasters should be aware of, including "addition by subtraction" when it comes to equalizing your track.

We also hit on why Zoom is a great collaboration tool, but terrible for podcasts.  This led into a very basic discussion on the different frequencies in the human voice, and why each is important. 

Tom answers some questions about LUFS, condenser vs dynamic microphones, and third party AI tools, including Levelator, Auphonic, and Izotope's suite of products.

Finally, Tom talks about why he's all about giving out free advice to podcasters, and why it's so important to him.


Clean Cut Audio Website: https://www.cleancutaudio.com/

Clean Cut Audio Podcast: https://www.cleancutaudio.com/podcast

Clean Cut Audio YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/cleancutaudio

Tom on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cleancutaudio

Email Tom: hello@cleancutaudio.com

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