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April 21, 2020

Behind The Scenes of ESPN Podcasts

Behind The Scenes of ESPN Podcasts
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ESPN has more podcasts than you can count, and the man in charge is Peter Gianesini.  I asked him how ESPN came into podcasting, and the evolution of it - from repackaged audio to original content.

How does ESPN Digital evaluate who can become a podcast host?  And do personalities approach them, or vice versa?  Pete gave me a few examples.

What about content?  What does a sports network do when there are no games?

How has listener consumption shifted for ESPN's shows?

Pete also explained how the network was able to work ahead before the world changed; making sure hosts and producers could secure the equipment needed to work remotely.  How forgiving - or patient - has the audience been as they work out the audio kinks?

We of course discussed the decision to release the Michael Jordan documentary ahead of schedule, and the massive reaction the first night garnered on social media. (Note: it aired Sunday night and we taped this podcast Monday afternoon.)

Fun Fact: Pete and his family are big Disney fans, and when the country shut down, they decided to do Disney...at home.  

We also swapped stories of meeting childhood idols.  I thought I had a great story about Steven Tyler.  His about Don Mattingly was better.

Finally, I asked Pete the one burning podcast question that's been on my mind lately.  How will radio and podcasting compete and/or co-exist?  He gave one of the best answers I've ever received with regard to that question.