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Aug. 4, 2020

Chris Krimitsos Previews Podfest Global Summit

Chris Krimitsos Previews Podfest Global Summit
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The Podfest Global Summit runs August 10-15, with a preview underway this week.  Chief Creative Officer Chris Krimitsos was able to take 15 minutes with us to preview the event - which is on pace to break a Guinness World Record.

After a brief history lesson on Podfest, Chris shares how the in-person event was just barely able to happen before COVID-19 took over earlier this year.  From there, the team was full-speed ahead in planning the online conference this month.

The event will feature multiple tracks covering different areas of podcasting, but will also have tracks in Mandarin, Chinese, and more. 

Chris explains the laborious process of finding various podcasting experts, vetting them, and meeting with each of them individually to ensure excellent content for the summit. Beyond that, Podfest will encourage socialization between attendees on the Whova app- this isn't just another Zoom call.  (Am I muted? Can you see my screen?)

Podfest is one of the premiere events in the podcasting industry, and you can learn more about the global summit here:


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