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April 10, 2020

Debating the Biden Pod, Squadcast Improves, and Stern Talks To Brady

Debating the Biden Pod, Squadcast Improves, and Stern Talks To Brady
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Joe Biden's new podcast brings to light one of the biggest dilemmas a podcast editor faces - how much do I cut?  We start by delving into the uniqueness of this situation.  There was an article in Intelligencerjust eviscerating the pod, but I'll focus on the editing piece.

The other big news this week came from Squadcast (full disclosure: I'm a referral partner) - about enhancements to their already outstanding system. They've actually partnered with Dolby, the surround sound people, on tweaks to really make it feel like you and your guest are in the same room. You can watch the replay of their webinar for details here.

An analyis from Podtracsays that while podcast listening dipped at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, it seems to be leveling off.  This fits with the analogy Matt Cundill made in Tuesday's episode of the Jag Show, about someone firing a gun in the air of a crowded room. Everyone scattered, but eventually, all will find their way back.

A couple points about storytelling and interviews.  There's a nice article from Podcast Movement about the art of story telling - the "plus minus" - and how to tell a compelling story, you have go up and down.

A huge shoutout to my partners at Tanner Friedman - a podcast we worked on together, We Are Human First - has won podcast gold in the international 2020 Hermes Creative Awards!

When it comes to interviews, nobody is better than Howard Stern.  Yes, he made a name for himself by pushing the envelope and being raunchy.  But that's not why he's been at the top of the mountain for decades.  Howard has an unbelievable ability to get people to open up, and he's a great listener.   He goes into his interviews prepared, and he controls the room.  He interviewed my favorite athlete of all time yesterday.  I spent today listening to it - all two hours and ten minutes.  It was that good. (Disclaimer: it did get a little raunchy, but not until the last 30 minutes or so.)  Was it a perfect interview? Nope, but it was longer than most feature length films.  And it kept my attention the whole time.  Smartly, it's only available on the SiriusXM app, which is free right now.

Finally, if you're interested in developing your own podcast, i'm here to help.




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