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May 24, 2022

How Matt Got to Episode 300 (Podcast Superfriends)

How Matt Got to Episode 300 (Podcast Superfriends)

In our May 2022 livestream, the 5 "Podcast Superfriends" assembled to talk about how Matt Cundill pushed through the usual podcast obstacles to get to the 300th episode of The Sound Off Podcast.

We cover lessons learned, and how they can apply to our clients.   What's changed since the show started?   Should you "batch record" or do one episode at a time?  What about live vs recorded?

The five podcast "Superfriends" are:

Johnny "Podcasts" Peterson of Straight Up Podcasts in Fort Worth: https://straightuppodcasts.com

Catherine O'Brien of Branch Our Programs in Baton Rouge: https://www.branchoutprograms.com/

David Yas of Pod 617 in Boston: https://www.pod617.com/

Matt Cundill of the Sound Off Media Company in Winnipeg: https://www.soundoff.network/

And Jon "JAG" Gay of JAG in Detroit Podcasts: https://jagindetroit.com/