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July 1, 2021

How to Record Your Podcast Over Zoom - If You Have To

How to Record Your Podcast Over Zoom - If You Have To
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The last 18 months has taught all of us how to use Zoom.  It's great if you need to do a face to face meeting with someone who may not be great with technology, as most people have learned it by now.  Up until recently, however, I told my podcast clients to avoid it.   It can be glitchy over a bad internet connection, causing you to lose words and phrases, and if two people talk at the same time, it can be a nightmare.  While those things are still technically true, Zoom HAS addressed its biggest audio issue, which is the fact that it only records part of of the frequencies in the human voice.  Previously, Zoom had figured out which frequencies in the human voice we needed to hear in order to understand each other. To save data and bandwidth, it chopped out everything else.  

Recently, Zoom added a setting on their app called "Enable Original Sound."  With the advent of podcasting, Zoom realized they needed an option to make people sound like...well...people.   Now it's not QUITE as good as other apps or an in person recording. But if you have a decent microphone,  it's close.  You'll find a link for how to do enable original sound here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115003279466-Enabling-option-to-preserve-original-sound

Now, other platforms that are designed for podcasts, like Squadcast, Riverside, and Zencastr are still better options.  They record on your local machine so that internet buffering doesn't happen.  And if you wear headphones, it's no issue if people speak over each other.  But if you have a hard-to-get guest, or someone who isn't likely going to learn a new program, that's how to make Zoom sound better.

Onto this week's quick hit podcasting news:

Amazon has bought ART19, a podcast hosting and ad sales company.  Look for Amazon to continue their push into podcasting in the second half of 2021.   While Apple and Spotify are still the big dogs, it probably wouldn't hurt to add your show to Amazon Music.  It's free and you can do it here: https://podcasters.amazon.com/

Commercial Radio Australia's head of digital thinks that in the future, half of all podcast consumption will be quick 3 minute episodes.  It's a good reminder that shorter is often better. https://www.radiotoday.com.au/jaime-chaux-podcast-power-player-qa/

I mentioned last week that I've moved my podcast listening from Apple to Spotify.  I don't see myself going back any time soon.  But if you want to try and navigate the new Apple Podcasts interface, this guide from lifehacker might help: https://lifehacker.com/how-to-make-sense-of-what-apple-has-done-to-the-podcast-1847129209

American radio company Audacy, formerly Entercom, and CBS Radio before that, continues to shift resources from traditional radio to podcasting.   Because they own many of the biggest sports stations in the country, and have a partnership with Major League Baseball, they're launching 2400 sports, a sports podcasting operation.  Audacy is also bringing Crooked Media's "Love It Or Leave It" podcast, with former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett to, its Channel Q.   Channel Q is a digital LGBTQ+ station that's also over the air in 32 of the company's media markets.    Sadly, while Audacy does all of this, they are expected to replace more local music DJ's with national shows.  More of the same for hardworking, underappreciated radio folk, sadly.

Finally, a quick programming note - no JAG Show next week, but I'll be back on July 15.  So until then, stay healthy and stay safe.  Lata!

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