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July 29, 2021

Is Your Content Worth Paying For?

Is Your Content Worth Paying For?
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Have you seen Ted Lasso?  Well, I haven't, but everyone I know keeps telling me I need to. But I'm not a soccer fan.  You'll still love it.  I don't have Apple TV.  Get it!  So I finally decided yesterday to drop the five dollars a month so I can watch it, plus The Morning Show, and some other stuff.

I really didn't want to add another monthly bill - even $5 - on top of Netflix, Disney Plus, and YouTube TV. In fact, I just decided to drop an extra $10 a month so I can get 4K channels.  I figure I have a 4K TV, may as well watch the Olympics in 4K.  Not gonna lie, it's pretty sweet. Can't wait for football season.

What does all of this have to do with podcasts? Well, it appears a number of large media companies are offering premium (meaning paid) content through Apple, Spotify, or other means. But there's more of them than you can count.   Which ones do you choose?  For me, it took a TON of peer pressure to cave on Apple TV, and it took something brand new and cutting edge (sports in 4K) to up my YouTube TV.  

Before you start asking your listeners to pay for what you put out - ask yourself - is it good enough?  Can it compete for that monthly $5 or $10 with Disney Plus and Hulu and Netflix?  Now, if you're providing some really unique, niche content, the answer may be yes. But I think for most of us, the answer is no.  

I still think it's hard to monetize a podcast, but the easier route is through advertisers.  Your podcast listeners are much more valuable than those little hearts on Facebook or the Gram.  Why? Because they are more engaged.   They aren't scrolling through; they are actively listening. Even if you don't have many listeners, your basket weaving podcast might be really attractive to a basket company.

Speaking of advertising, Crooked Media's Pod Save America is now opening themselves up to ads in other countries -  apparently there's quite an appetite for American politics in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. ACast will handle the international ads.

If you love the Olympics, NBC has FOUR - count 'em four - podcasts on their Olympics channel in Apple Podcasts - The Podium, In The Village, On Her Turf, and My New Favorite Olympian.  They're free to listen to.

Speaking of  Apple Podcasts, they're looking for a head of content.  I assume duties include screaming at the app development team daily, thinking you're the only game in town, and putting out dumpster fires.

Podcasting OG Evo Terra says we have entered the "chaotic era" of podcasting.  He says no huge companies are coming to save us, diversify your podcast's assets and footprint, and hold on for dear life. Here's his Podcast Pontifications https://podcastpontifications.com/episode/can-you-survive-podcastings-chaotic-era

Told you a couple weeks ago about everyone freaking out about the Audacity editing app and it's new privacy policy -well they've got a new policy, promising not to store IP addresses or scare away kids under 13.As James Cridland from PodNews points out, that's likely due to the reporting of podcast media and resulting outcry.  https://github.com/audacity/audacity/discussions/1353

Podcast host Buzzsprout is offering dynamic ad insertion on all plans.  Dynamic Ad Insertion puts ads in your show based on when a listener hears it, where they are, or other factors. For example, if you have something  time sensitive, like a Podcast Movement tease,  you can turn it on or off for any episode.  It's my hope that this will come to other podcast hosts for all tiered plans, making it the norm in the industry.

MTV is teaming up with iHeart to re-release classic episodes of Behind The Music, as a podcast. 

A friendly reminder to check and see if your new podcast's name has already been claimed.  Maybe not a huge deal if you're an average Joe, but if you're rich and famous (or hope to be), you gotta do your homework.   Actress and Michigan native Kristen Bell tried to release a show called Shattered Glass.  Name was already taken, so she had to rename it - it's now called "We Are Supported By..."

For my fellow Syracuse grads, Carmelo Anthony is creating a podcast version of his YouTube series, "What's in Your Glass?"  Sadly, it's wine, not Orange Juice. (rimshot).

The Clubhouse app is now out of beta and available for everyone on iOS and Android.  Will be curious what Mark Cuban, who founded rival Fireside, has to say when he keynotes Podcast Movement in Nashville next week.

And speaking OF Podcast Movement, I'm vaxxed, masked, and really excited for the return of the in person event.  They will have recording areas set up, so time permitting, I may do a bonus episode next week from Nashville.  Otherwise, expect a TON of information when I get back.  

Finally, a big thank you to Rock, Arielle, and the team at Squadcast - who were able to find a video solution that worked for me. This is my first video recorded on Squadcast.

So, until next time, stay healthy and stay safe.  Lata!