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May 1, 2020

Its Gonna Be May

Its Gonna Be May
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Matty Staudt says your intro matters. And he's right.

Which podcast advertisers are spending more in the age of Coronavirus? Magellan is out with a list of their Top 10, as published on Medium.

5 - furniture, 4 online entertainment, 3 -hobbies and lifestyle, 2- home goods. 1- alcohol

This American Life is now on Spotify, and it's not alone. Spotify has joined Apple with having a million shows.  150,000 podcast uploads happened in March, up 69% month over month, according to the Swedish company.

One more piece of Spotify news - their platform Anchor can now turn your video call into a podcast.  

James Cridland, editor PodNews, and a thought leader in the space, chronicled an amusing exchange with one of these folks.

Podnews has a nice sheetto see if your host is IAB certified.  

Should you avoid COVID-19 talk in your podcast?  A new Mindshare studysays 51% of Americans are limiting their media consumption due to Coronavirus fatigue.  

FInally, smart speaker usage is up in the age of quarantine, according to NPR and Edison Research.

I have a new podcast project with my collaborators at Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications - it's called Michigan Motors Forward.  I've been inspired by the 15 minute stories that Metro Detroit business owners have shared with me.

As always, find me on social at @JAGinDetroit or on my website at www.JAGinDetroit.com.