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May 4, 2022

JAG on The ROCC Pod - Royal Oak Chamber

JAG on The ROCC Pod - Royal Oak Chamber
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For over a year now, three co-hosts and I have been working on a podcast for the Royal Oak Michigan Chamber of Commerce.  We interview various members of the Chamber about themselves and their businesses.  Once a quarter, we turn the tables on one of our co-hosts.   This week, it's yours truly in the hot seat.

Show Notes:

Today, we turn the tables on our co-host, Jon Gay of JAG in Detroit Podcasts, and put him in the hot seat.  We talk about his radio-turned-podcasting career and get some insight into his personal backstory too!

Jon left radio in 2017 after a 15-year career in the industry.  While he saw radio on the decline, he saw podcasting blowing up.  So he started JAG in Detroit Podcasts, creating broadcast-quality podcasts for businesses and non-profits, in 2018.

We talk about what a podcast is -and isn't - and some stats showing how big the industry has become.

Jon explains the different levels of service he offers his clients, from basic editing to co-hosting shows with them.  We also ask him the two big podcast questions.  How long should your show be and how do you make money off of it?

We also cover the rise of YouTube and the importance of having a presence there, even if you don't shoot a video version of your podcast.  And once the show is published, how do you promote it?

The Blue Yeti is a terrible podcast microphone.  Jon tells us why, and which mic to get instead. (Spoiler: it's cheaper.)

Andrea, Trish, and Lisa ask Jon about remote podcasting, and talk about how it's worked for this show.

Finally, we learn a little bit about Jon personally.  He talks about his job, and the wanderlust for travel he and his wife share.  And our fishbowl question leads to a very interesting story about Mr. Gay in high school, involving his last name.


Samson Q2U Microphone Mentioned: https://amzn.to/3tVE3rF

Jon Gay from JAG in Detroit Podcasts - http://www.jagindetroit.com/

Trish Carruth from The Personal Jeweler - https://www.thepersonaljeweler.com/

Lisa Bibbee from Keller Williams - http://soldbylisab.com/

Andrea Arndt of Dickinson Wright - https://www.dickinson-wright.com/

Know a Chamber member that wants to be a guest on our show? Email us!  theroccpod@gmail.com

And if you'd like to know more about the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce, or join, find them here:  https://www.royaloakchamber.com/