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June 2, 2020

Johnny Peterson - Straight Up Podcasts

Johnny Peterson - Straight Up Podcasts
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I first met Johnny Peterson from Straight Up Podcasts at Podcast Movement in Orlando last summer - you know, in the old days when we could travel.  Since then, we've both joined a podcast editors' discussion group, where we have a monthly conference call to share ideas.  I called down to Fort Worth, Texas, to learn more about Johnny's podcast and business journey.

In this episode we cover:

  • How a few fortuitous moments at TCU led Johnny to podcasting
  • The importance of your recording environment
  • Johnny's $700 boo-boo
  • My epic fail attempting to interview Ryan Seacrest
  • Particulars of editing a good podcast
  • Johnny's biggest podcast pet peeves
  • The power of short (under 5 minute) podcasts
  • What each of us has learned, and where we hope to take our similar, yet different, businesses.


Johnny on Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnny3terson

Straight Up Podcasts on Twitter: https://twitter.com/straightuppods

Straight Up Podcasts Website: https://straightuppodcasts.com/

JAG in Detroit On Twitter: https://twitter.com/JAGinDetroit

JAG in Detroit Website: https://jagindetroit.com/

My Ryan Seacrest interview, referenced in today's show: https://thejagshow.simplecast.com/episodes/my-2014-ryan-seacrest-interview