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Sept. 8, 2022

Lessons from Podcast Movement 2022

Lessons from Podcast Movement 2022

Season 4 of The Jag Show starts with a recap of what I learned at Podcast Movement about long and short form video, branded podcasts, how to grow your show, and finally, the dust up over Ben Shapiro's appearance.

Welcome to Season 4 of the Jag Show. We're going to start with what I learned this year at Podcast Movement, and how you can improve your show.

The first thing you should know about is video.   Your show needs to be on YouTube.  According to Edison Research, 48% of the podcast audience has consumed a show on YouTube.   So even if your show is audio only, put a graphic, or an audiogram with a moving waveform up, and upload that audio to YouTube.  

OK, what about short-form video?  One of my big curiosities this year was around the world of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and now YouTube shorts.  The goal of every social media platform is to keep users on that platform.  It's not going to be easy to "STOP THE SCROLL" and get someone to switch apps.  The bar is very high.  So unless your highlight is absolute gold and will get someone to want to hear more, consider a different approach.  

So how do you grow your podcast?  Well, the easiest ways are to "fish where the fish are."  Two ways to do this are 1) a "promo swap," where you find a similar podcast and agree to promote each other.  Or 2) what's known as a "Feed Drop."   You post an episode of someone else's podcast in your feed, and they return the favor.  

So how do podcast listeners find shows?   Well, back to Edison Research:

  1. Recommendations of Friends and Family
  2. Google Search
  3. YouTube
  4. Other Social Media

This advice comes from James Cridland of PodNews, don't be afraid to advertise IRL - in real life. 

But don't be scared by the total number of podcasts out there.  By some counts, there are now 4 million shows.  But most of them died on the vine!   The podcasting space is NOT as crowded as you might think.  

Another great session I went to was presented by Jay Clouse, where he talked about using Twitter and Email to grow your show. Email especially, is a great way to grow your show.

I also get into what I learned about branded podcasts, and the interesting approach iHeart is taking.

And yes, we address the Ben Shapiro controversy, mostly online, that happened in Dallas.

Finally, you'll notice some tweaks to The Jag Show - now into Season 4 after a summer hiatus and re-tool.  New artwork, new music and voiceover, and new format.   I'm trying some different things out, and I hope you'll enjoy.   If you'd like to have new episodes emailed to you, you can sign up at JAGinDetroit.com/Subscribe