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March 4, 2021

Let's Get Intimate

Let's Get Intimate
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Does your brand have an "audio strategy?"  Yes, everyone loves video.  But how burnt out are you on the Brady Bunch squares of Zoom?  And picture your audience listening to a podcast - in a pair of Air Pods as they walk the dog.  Or alone in a car.  Audio has intimacy that video doesn't - don't forget that.  Great article on audio brand strategy from JAR Audio that I picked up at Podfest this week. https://www.jaraudio.com/blog/audio-strategy

In my presentations, I always talk about podcast listeners.  Statistically, they are more educated and earn more money than your average American. It's an audience that my clients want to reach.  Well, one more stat to add - podcast listeners are more diverse than the rest of the population.  According to Nielsen, the US is 67% white, but American podcast listeners are only 59% Caucasian, with Black, LatinX, and Asian Americans all better represented among podcast listeners. https://www.warc.com/content/paywall/article/warc-datapoints/podcast-listeners-more-diverse-than-us-population/135819

eMarketer says Spotify will surpass Apple this year: https://www.emarketer.com/content/spotify-podcast-listener-numbers-will-surpass-apples-this-year

Scientia Mobile: Android use 60% in North America to iOS 40%.   I'm still an Apple guy, but make sure you're on at least Spotify and Google Podcasts. (via Podnews): https://podnews.net/update/android-gaining-on-ios

Howie Mandel, my celebrity doppelganger, is launching a podcast this month with his daughter Jackie, called, simply, Howie Mandel Does Stuff.   Also getting a podcast, Lady Bird Johnson, the former first lady. ABC News is releasing her audio diaries, in an 8 part podcast, in celebration of Women's History Month.

Looking for a new computer to podcast with? The Podcast Host has an article on the best computers for your needs. https://www.thepodcasthost.com/equipment/best-computer-for-podcasting

And as far as the rest of your equipment, I have recommendations for the rest of your equipment - microphones and more - here:  https://bit.ly/jagpodcastequipment

LinkedIn is rolling out a marketplace to compete with Fiverr and Upwork. They've seen the gig economy, particularly in the pandemic, and they want a piece of the action.  As for me, I'm leery of these services - I think you get what you pay for. 

The country's largest radio station owner, iHeartMedia - is continuing it's dead sprint away from radio - splitting the company into two divisions.  One will be the iHeart Digital Audio Group - including, you guessed it, podcasting.  The other division will simply be called the iHeart Multiplatform group.  Yes, that's right - radio isn't even in the name.  The writing is on the wall, everyone.  iHeart does not see terrestrial radio as important to its long-term future.  Here's the press release, via PodNews: https://podnews.net/press-release/ihm-biz-structure

If you're watching this on video - I'm presenting at PodFest, tonight - Wednesday - at 7:30 Eastern - doing a demo and Q&A on how I use the newest features of Adobe Audition to edit podcasts.  If you're listening to this as a podcast on Thursday, well, hopefully it went well!  Well, Evo Terra wonders about the future of podcast conventions - or any convention really.  Yes, we all miss doing these things in person - but Evo makes a good point - it's easier to bail on a bad presenter on Zoom than it is to walk out of a room in real life.  It's a good read: https://podcastpontifications.com/episode/the-future-of-podcasting-conferences-post-pandemic

Finally, last tip - too many times podcasters clutter the end of their show by asking you to do 10 things.  I'm going to focus on one, to grow my audience.  If you like The Jag Show, please consider sharing it with someone else who may enjoy it - social media, email, however.  Sharing the show will help me grow my audience.  I'll leave the rest of the housekeeping stuff to Michelle O'Dell, the voice of my outtro.  Until next time, stay healthy, and stay safe. Lata!