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April 7, 2020

Marketing and Monetizing Your Podcast with Matt Cundill

Marketing and Monetizing Your Podcast with Matt Cundill
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After many years as a radio personality and programmer in Canadian radio, Matt Cundill began consulting audio creators. This eventually led to a career in podcasting and more as part of The Sound Off media company.  He also hosts the The Sound Off Podcast, "the podcast about broadcast" which is a must listen for any current or former broadcasters. And I don't just say that because I'm a former guest. 

I wanted to pick Matt's brain on all things podcasting, as he brings a data-driven programmer's approach to his clients.   He started by taking us through his radio journey and how it led him to podcasting. Then we dove in to how he helps clients market their podcasts and best practices for both content and sharing it.  Matt explained dynamic ad insertion, a way to get current advertising into past episodes.  And I asked him how and when podcasters can start selling ads.

Finally, we looked at the (early) data on how Coronavirus is affecting podcast consumption.

And yes, there was a little bit of Bills/Patriots smack talk.

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