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June 16, 2020

Mistress Carrie on WAAF, being embedded with troops, and moving her brand to podcasting

Mistress Carrie on WAAF, being embedded with troops, and moving her brand to podcasting
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For decades, Mistress Carrie entertained - and bonded with - the masses on legendary Boston rock station WAAF.  Earlier this year, the station was sold, ending its 50 year run on the air.  Carrie takes us behind the scenes of WAAF - the planned relaunch that never happened - and her journey leveraging her iconic brand as the "Baddest Bitch in Boston" to pivot to podcasting.

We talk about the advent of radio's "Portable People Meter" and how it skewed ratings away from rock stations, moving eventually to the final days of WAAF. Carrie talks about how grateful she is to have been able to send the station off and say goodbye, unlike so many other radio folks who don't get the chance.

In the interim between her radio and podcasting careers, Mistress Carrie started a series of Facebook live videos, called "Cocktails in the War Room." It was hugely successful, allowed her to keep her brand top of mind, and even generated a significant amount of money (via t-shirts) to feed local veterans during the pandemic.

And speaking of veterans, Carrie told us about becoming an embedded reporter (a rarity for music DJ's) with New England troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Finally, we close with her experience leveraging her brand and developing her new podcast.


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