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April 8, 2022

New Podcasting Stats and Tools

New Podcasting Stats and Tools
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Some hand wringing over Infinite Dial 2022 - a slight dropoff in podcasting.   Monthly listeners went from 41% of the population to 38%.   My take: it's nothing to worry about.  The pandemic turbo-charged podcasting growth, and people are settling back in to routines.  109 million Americans still listen to shows every month, and that's more than pre-pandemic.  Further, podcasting awareness continues to grow - now up to 226 million, or 79% of US Adutls.

Deep Dive from Tom Webster:https://tomwebster.media/what-to-do-when-the-line-stops-going-up/

Infinite Dial 2022: https://www.edisonresearch.com/podcastings-key-statistics-for-2022/

Spotify hopes to make a profit off of podcasting investments "soon."  You can preview Spotify's new "Tik Tok" esque interface here:: spotify:internal:podcastclips

Other New Tools: 

Podcast host Blubrry updates PowerPress plugin for Wordpress websites. Don't need to host your show on Blubrry to use it. 

Substack and ACast are getting into podcast hosting.  ACast is spamming people, though.

Headliner's "Edit Eddy" is a new transcription service.  I think it's more accurate than Descript, but Descript has an easier editing interface.

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