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July 19, 2019

NY Times Hits, Apple Hits Back, and the Podcast World Comes to Detroit

NY Times Hits, Apple Hits Back, and the Podcast World Comes to Detroit

The New York Times, of all people, upset the podcast world with this week with a lazy article asking if podcasting had peaked. Apple has seen Spotify stealing market share and Cupertino is starting to fight back. Finally, what was the podcast world doing here in Detroit this week?

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You wouldn't think that the New York Times, producer of one of the world's most successful podcasts, would question the industry as whole? But they did, in an embarrassing way, and the podcast world stood up and took notice.

Also Thursday, it was reported that Apple is starting to reach out to media companies about producing content exclusively for Apple. This may have applications for the Apple TV+. More importantly, some of these shows could be Apple Podcasts specific, which then gets into business model and larger industry questions.

Finally, bigwigs from every major podcast production house came to the historic GEM theater here in Detroit this week. Find out why.

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