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April 28, 2020

Podcast OG Evo Terra Consumed Only Beer and Sausages For A Month

Podcast OG Evo Terra Consumed Only Beer and Sausages For A Month
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And he lost weight doing it!  We'll get to that later.

Evo Terra is an OG in the world of podcasting.  While Apple has just gone over a million shows, Evo is credited with having the 40th podcast...ever.  In a recent episode and blog of Podcast Pontifications, he wrote, "Stay out of our Podcasting Lanes, Broadcasters." Since this is a subject near and dear to my heart, I reached out.

Evo explained why he believes broadcasters, especially in television, are not taking the easy steps to sound and look good - even though podcasters figured this stuff out years ago. From there, we took a deeper dive into the complicated relationship between broadcasting and podcasting.

We've seen so much data on the effects of Coronavirus on podcasting, much of it conflicting.  I asked Evo how he feels the pandemic has affected the space. He drew on his relationships with podcast hosting platforms to really dig into the data.

Here's what we know.  Some genres are down; some are up.  Listening has drastically shifted to later in the day - and podcast creation is skyrocketing.

Next we zoomed out to get Evo's thoughts on podcasting as an industry - where we've been, where we are, and where we are going.  Spoiler: Despite its slow climb, Terra is very bullish about its future.

We also discussed the pitfall of podcasters starting with "how do I make money?"  What's really behind that, and what should content creators really be focused on?

I had to ask a man who's been in the space for 16 years for his 3 biggest pet peeves about podcasting.  His answers may surprise you.

We didn't get super technical but I did have Evo explain, in laymen's terms, the new partnership that Squadcast has undertaken with Dolby to make hosts sound like they are in the same room.

And yes, finally, we spoke about Evo's diet of living on only beer and sausage for a month.  Not only did he survive, but he lost 15 pounds!

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