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July 21, 2020

Rob Greenlee of the Podcast Academy

Rob Greenlee of the Podcast Academy
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Today I'm joined by podcast industry royalty - Mr. Rob Greenlee.  He's incredibly well known for his work in the space, and he now chairs The Podcast Academy.

We start by taking stock of the podcast industry as a whole.  Rob shares his perspective on where the podcast industry was and where it has come. Also, the bloom is off the rose for social media, which creates an opportunity for podcasting.

We also talk about using video in podcasting.  We recorded the interview over Squadcast, so we could see each other, but the video wasn't recorded. 

What about radio's relationship with podcasting? There's a difference between repurposing a morning show and creating unique content. And with so many large companies (radio and otherwise) jumping in to podcasting, is there still room for the independent podcaster?   Maybe so, as 50% of podcast listening is to independent shows.

Rob and I explore the different revenue models of podcasting and what they may look like going forward, and finally we discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on the space.

In the second half of our interview, we talk about The Podcast Academy - how it was formed, why it was formed, and the well known organizations the Academy is modeled on.

While The Podcast Academy aims to recognize outstanding work in the field, it is also focused on education, mentoring podcasters, and moving the industry forward.

The Podcast Academy will serve the international community, not just the United States.  And there will be lots of educational materials - white papers, mentorship programs, webinars, and more - all vetted by the industry's best to make ensure quality.

I had to ask Rob about the initial entry requirement of "letters of recommendation" - where the idea came from and why it was later scrapped.

Rob also clarifies the role of large corporations - and their membership but not necessarily sponsorship - there's room for podcasters of all sizes.

Finally, I ask Rob to make his "elevator pitch" for membership into The Podcast Academy.  After hearing it, I'll be signing up.


The Podcast Academy Website: https://www.thepodcastacademy.com/

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