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April 3, 2020

The Tinder of Podcasts

The Tinder of Podcasts
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In today's 5 minute Friday, we look at how the Coronavirus and "Social Distancing" have affecting the podcasting industry. It's still early, and a number of studies have shown conflicting data, but here are some interesting takeways:

More brands are seizing the opportunity to launch pods, including Joe Biden, Andrew Yang, and The Washington Wizards NBA team, who want to stay top of mind during the NBA stoppage.

An article from Spotify suggests incorporating listener interaction to improve your show's numbers.

The Rodecaster Pro studio has a beta firmware update, which includes reverb, more control over processing, and an MP3 export.  They also have a new mic preset for the RE-20 microphone. I'm gonna wait until they finish beta testing it, and I'm also waiting for a preset on my mic , the Shure SM7B.

Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to be everywhere, including on Dr. Sanjay Gupta's show, and on the Daily Thursday morning. On The Daily, Michael Barbaro asked some pretty tough questions, and Fauci showed  that his brilliance isn't limited to diseases. He's pretty good with the media too.   I'm fine with beefing up security around him - the man is a national treasure.

Apple has launched a listof Coronavirus related podcasts.

Many podcasts are also small businesses - and some are taking donations from those who have a few bucks to spare at this time.

Podchaser has launched #Reviews4Good- for every podcast review, they'll donate 25 cents to Meals on Wheels.  If the podcast host replies, they'll double it to 50 cents.

For a laugh - it's being called the Tinder of Podcasts - a service called MatchMaker.FM- it won't pair you up with a mate, but it will match podcast hosts with guests.

Finally, I've launched new pricing tiers on my website for podcast services.  And with a nod to my radio background, I've color-coded them to match record sales.  The silver package is editing only - you send me your file, I  send it back.  The gold package involves me recording your whole show remotely;i in the platinum package, I'll cohost it with you.  And once the quarantine is lifting, the diamond package will involve me coming to you to record in person. Read more about my packages here.

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