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April 27, 2023

What If Your Guest Wants To Add Something?

What If Your Guest Wants To Add Something?
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We've all been there as podcasters.   We finish our interview, we sign off, and the guest sends us an email and says, "oh, can I add something?"

What's important to remember in podcasting is that, in most cases, this isn't hard-hitting "gotcha journalism."  We aren't out to GET our guests or catch them with their pants down.  Usually, we are highlighting them, or something interesting and relatable about their story.  In fact, getting your guests to share the episode to their network is a great way to grow your show.   So why NOT accommodate them?   Yes, it can be more time out of your limited production schedule   But it's important to be kind.  Podcasting, like all things in life, is about relationships and how you treat people.   The better an experience your guest has before, during, and after your show, the more likely they'll be to recommend both your show, and you as a host and person.

Now here's a hack for you.  When it's time to edit, if you haven't already done the cuts on the main episode, edit the inserted content FIRST.   That way, you'll know how it sounds, in its edited form, and have a better idea of where it can fit in the context and flow of your main episode.

Of course, there will be times where a production schedule doesn't allow for changes, or you may have a guest who has an unreasonable request.  There are exceptions to every rule. But if you need some perspective, try being a guest on someone else's podcast.   That's a lot more nerve-wracking, at least for me, than hosting.   As a host, you have full control, both before and after.  But as a guest, you're at the mercy of the interviewer.   So, if possible, show a little kindness, and it can go a long way.