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May 15, 2020

Why Downloads Shouldn't Be Your Priority

Why Downloads Shouldn't Be Your Priority
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I find myself often falling into that trap of judging myself on my download numbers, as most podcasters do, and I have to remind myself that downloads aren't the priority of my podcast.  I had clear goals for Season 3 of The Jag Show, including

Doing interviews to expand my network in the podcasting space

Establishing myself as an authority and leader in podcasting

Giving myself the reps of creating content so that I can continuously relate to the issues my clients have.

I'm doing all of those things, and loving it.  In my old radio days, I'd be counting web hits and Facebook likes. But podcasts aren't "broadcasts" - they are "narrow-casts."  And the content and interaction are more important than the downloads.  If you're doing a podcast "about everything for everyone," chances are you just like hearing yourself talk.  As Dave Jackson says, your podcast should not be Neapolitan Ice Cream - nobody likes it. https://podcastbusinessjournal.com/nobody-likes-nopoletin-ice-cream/

Podcast Movement has moved its dates to October 19-22, 2020. https://vimeo.com/415545780/10e34265dd

iHeart's Bob Pittman says podcasting revenue is up 80% in Q1.  Meanwhile they are having trouble filling a prime opening - PM Drive here in Detroit.  Podnews reports that on their investor call, they mentioned podcasts 57 times and radio only 49.

We've seen a ton of conflicting data about what podcasting is doing in our quarantined world.  The wicked smaht folks at Edison Research are doing a webinar on this - Thursday 5/21 at 1 Eastern.

Tim O'Brien had a great article in Podcast Business Journal this week, explaining how social media alone won't grow your show: https://podcastbusinessjournal.com/social-media-alone-is-not-the-way-to-grow-an-audience/

As always, if you need help creating or improving your podcast, feel free to reach out to me.


Or email: JAG@JAGinDetroit.com