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Oct. 14, 2021

Why I Stopped Doing Video for My Podcast

Why I Stopped Doing Video for My Podcast
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So I've decided I'm no longer going to shoot and edit video for my podcast.

So for a few months, I recorded video down here in the JAG in Detroit studio.  There are some podcasts who love doing video. My podcasting collaborator Johnny Peterson has really had the video side of his business take off.  But for me, I had to know what I don't know.   I worked in radio for 15 years. I'm an audio specialist.  I am not a professional video editor.  And the time I was spending editing the video for just this 3-5 minute podcast was resulting in diminishing returns.  Yes, you'll still be able to get this show on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok as a video.  I'll just be using the Headliner app to create a video with a static image and transcription of the show.  It still lives in the same ecosystems as video, just without some bells and whistles. 

In Rob Walch's presentation at Podcast Movement this summer, he looked at the top 200 podcast in Apple.  How many of them were video?  Zero. That's right. None.    Now, I'm not saying DON'T do video if you've got a good workflow for it.  But as a business owner, I need to focus my attention on the things I do well and that bring in revenue.  The same is true for you as a podcaster. Your email box is likely stuffed with offers from a bunch of third party podcasting apps you haven't even heard of.  Keep your eye on the ball.  Only spend your time on what's important to you and your show.

OK, some podcasting headlines from the last week.  Facebook now has an audio tab on its mobile app - it's going to be for podcasts and more.  If you wanna explore, open the "Watch" button at the bottom of your app, then look at audio.

The New York Times is working on a new app to consume news - you guessed it, by audio.  It's going to be called, simply, New York Times Audio - and they are looking for beta testers for it now.

Podcast editing app Descript has rolled out a bunch of features with its latest release - including something called Studio Sound, which will use AI to improve audio quality and reduce background noise.   It also includes improvements to its editor and a Slack integration.  More here: https://www.descript.com/blog/article/new-in-descript-studio-sound-overdub-model-pro-audio-effects-and-more

She Podcasts Live is now...well...live...in Scottsdale Arizona through Sunday.   I know some of the people involved with this and it's an amazing event.  Looking forward to some second hand nuggets from the event I hope to share with you next week.

And finally, the nominees are out for the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards.  I'd tell you more, but except for nominees and the folks that work for iHeart and are forced to run promos for it on their radio stations.....NOBODY CARES.

Stay healthy and stay safe.  I'll talk to you next week.  Lata!