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May 18, 2023

Why my Lululemon Pants are like finding a new podcast

Why my Lululemon Pants are like finding a new podcast
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Yes, I'm a 42 year old man and I'm recording this podcast while wearing a pair of my new Lululemon pants.  And I found them the same way most people find podcasts.

Look, we all know the pandemic changed EVERYTHING.   From food delivery to media consumption to...PANTS.  As a recent New York Times Op Ed said - the best things to come out of Covid are "soft pants."  I've been working from home since 2018, and my wife has since March 2020 - and we openly complain when we have to wear jeans, or so-called "hard pants."   Denim's out, comfort is in.   

So how did I start my pants journey?   Much like podcast discovery, word of mouth.  My wife's hair stylist told her that she bought a pair for her husband, and he loves them.  So I started looking online -and of course my Facebook feed was soon filled with ads for Lulu, Birddogs, Public Rec, and Fabletics.   I also posted looking for recommendations, and was surprised by how many friends my age had suggestions!  Social media and Google - more drivers of podcast discovery.

My wife is a fan of dressing "age appropriate," and I think she's on a secret mission to gradually purge all the sports logo'ed clothes from my 20's out of my closet.   And yes, that includes sweatpants, which are being replaced by the more modern "joggers."     At this point in time, me wearing a jersey to anything other than a game, well it makes about as much sense as sitting by the radio waiting for your favorite song to play.

So I bought three pairs, all online of course.   The LuLus, a pair from the cheeky brand Bird Dogs, which might even be slightly more comfortable, and a pair from Fabletics. which I returned.   

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this new way of wearing pants.   It makes more sense for my lifestyle.   Just like podcast skeptics can often be won over by a show that entertains or informs them. 

I gotta admit, I stereotyped Lululemon - thinking it was a brand for wealthy suburban moms and sorority girls. But I was wrong.  Just like every SNL sketch you've ever seen stereotypes podcasts and podcasters.  Gone are the days of poor audio made in Mom's basement.  Now, every company needs a podcast as part of their brand strategy.   And podcasting consumption has hit an all time high. 83% of American adults are familiar with it, 64% have listened to one, and almost 100 million people tune in every week.

Now that I'm wearing comfy pants every day, I won't go back to jeans, except for those rare occasions when necessary.  I hope you can find a podcast that feels as good on your ears as these pants do on my....legs.   Lata!