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July 17, 2020

Why Your Podcast Is a Racecar

Why Your Podcast Is a Racecar
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Ben Hamilton, one of my early mentors in radio, taught me that doing a show is like driving a racecar.  Do all your work in the pit. Once the race starts, all you have to do is drive.

Youtube listening is down, though Youtube Music will replace Google Play Music to compete with Spotify: https://www.edisonresearch.com/youtube-listening-decreases-in-2020/?utm_source=podnews.net&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=podnews.net:2020-07-10

Podthon 20 is this weekend, a virtual summit for podcasters: https://podthon.com/

IAB: Podcast advertising revenue up to a surprising $700m in 2019, but won't not $1 billion as expected in 2020 due to Covid. https://www.iab.com/insights/iab-u-s-podcast-advertising-revenue-study-fy-2019-2020-covid-19-impact/?utm_source=podnews.net&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=podnews.net:2020-07-14

The deal SiriusXM to buy  Stitcher is done - $325m was the final price tag.

Anti-Semitic Podcast comments cost Nick Cannon his gig: https://podcastbusinessjournal.com/podcast-comments-cost-cannon-his-tv-job/

Spotify now avail in 13 more countries, including Russia (just in time for another presidential election). But only music, not podcasts.  I doubt Putin wants Joe Rogan flapping his gums over there. https://newsroom.spotify.com/2020-07-14/spotify-is-now-available-in-russia-croatia-ukraine-and-10-other-european-markets/?utm_source=podnews.net&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=podnews.net:2020-07-15

This Tuesday, I'll be chatting with Rob Greenlee, VP of Content and Partnerships at Libsyn, and chair of The Podcast Academy.

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Finally, thanks to the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce for allowing me to do a 30 minute webinar on "Podcasting 101."  You can watch it here: https://jagindetroit.com/summer-2020-podcasting-webinar/