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Oct. 28, 2021

Will Amazon Change The Audio Landscape?

Will Amazon Change The Audio Landscape?
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Amazon has changed the way we read, and the way we shop.  Could they change the way we consume audio?

Respected podcast journalist Ashley Carman reported in the Verge this week about an Amazon plan called "Project Mic."  The idea is to combine elements of Clubhouse, traditional radio and more, to turn anyone into a DJ - with the ability to create content with music.  These programs can be then streamed over Audible, Amazon Music, Twitch, and Alexa-equipped devices.  You can read Carman's scoop here: https://www.theverge.com/2021/10/26/22744585/amazon-project-mic-launch-live-audio-app

I wonder what affect that could have on podcasting, as Amazon is already diving into the space.  And they've already shown they have the power to disrupt industries.   Also, what affect could that have on radio?  Will it take someone from outside the industry to revolutionize it?  Great piece on this from Fred Jacobs of Jacobs media this week. https://jacobsmedia.com/if-radio-wont-reinvent-itself-maybe-someone-else-will/

A couple of Facebook execs made an appearance on the New Media show with Blubrry's Todd Cochrane and Libsyn's Rob Greenlee, to talk about what their company is doing with podcasts and audio. You can see or hear the show here. https://newmediashow.com/2021/10/21/facebook-podcasting-team/

Podcast guru Tom Webster says to remember that Facebook isn't looking to help you boost your audience - it wants to bring your audience to THEIR platform.  Webster's suggestion: use short clips to get people's attention, then they can easily find your show.  Think about it.   For as much as we mindlessly scroll through our feeds, how often do we consume a very long piece of content - audio, video, or text?  Not too often.  He's not wrong. https://tomwebster.media/look-for-the-flowers/

Spotify is dipping its toes in the water of video.  They are allowing select users of their Anchor platform to publish video versions of podcasts, which can then be consumed on Spotify, Smart TV's, and other devices.  My take: it's something to keep an eye on to see if it gets any traction.   But the Anchor app is still largely for hobbyists and has its issues.  Don't use this news as a reason to head over there. https://techcrunch.com/2021/10/21/spotify-opens-up-access-to-video-podcast-publishing-to-anchor-creators/

Finally, I often speak about the intimacy of audio.  It's why a podcast can connect with an audience the way video can't.  It's why you feel like you "know" your favorite podcast host just like you felt you "knew" your favorite morning show host.  Well, someone is taking the phrase "intimacy of audio" and running with it.  Enter "Heart to Heart," a new dating service that uses audio as a matchmaking tool.  The startup has raised $750,000 in pre-seed funding. Sounds intriguing for those of us that have the proverbial "face for radio." https://techcrunch.com/2021/10/25/heart-to-heart-dating-pre-seed/

Quick reminder - if a podcast is part of your 2022 marketing strategy, that's what I do.  Let me help - find me online at jagindetroit.com.   Until next week, stay healthy and stay safe. Lata!