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May 12, 2020

YaYa Podcasting's Carrie Caufield Arick

YaYa Podcasting's Carrie Caufield Arick
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I was thrilled to talk with Carrie Caufield Arick, one of the first podcast editors and coaches I met in the space.  You name it, she does it - editing, coaching, consulting, workshops, helping run a Facebook group for female podcast editors, and more.

Carrie told me how she got into the space, first as a podcast listener, and then a creator and coach.  We compared notes about getting started and growing our businesses.

We got into editing philosophy -  both in terms of content and a little technical geekery. Her advice: "PUSH ALL THE BUTTONS."

This led us into a discussion of how men and women hear - and process - audio differently. And we don't just mean on the technical side. It also comes down to nuances in language - what we say and what we hear. And for women, it's sometimes a fine line between being aggressiveand being considered a....well, you know what.

These ideas led Carrie and some others to create the Just Busters Facebook Group - a place for only female editors to congregate and discuss.  Turns out, women often use the word "just" as an unnecessary qualifier to come off as non-threatening. Carrie walked us through the conversation that led to the group's creation, and how it's grown since.

Finally, Carrie explained her coaching business and how she works with both podcast creators and podcast editors.  And she explains how she's adapted her business in the wake of COVID-19.


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